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Golf Sixes: Inaugural short-form event is 'just what the sport needs'

Golf Sixes: Inaugural short-form event is 'just what the sport needs'

Golf has gained "six-appeal" and taken a significant step towards finding a marketable short form of the game.

The European Tour's Golf Sixes, staged at the Centurion Club near St Albans, proved popular with players and fans and established itself as the blueprint for the sport's version of cricket's Twenty20 format.

Introducing the use of a shot clock on one of the holes is an idea that could swiftly be incorporated in existing long-form tournaments.

But this inaugural event also proved meaningful golf matches can be played over as few as six holes. They can be done and dusted in little over an hour and a decent tournament can be completed in a weekend. 

This is just what golf needs with the current perception that it is increasingly losing out because it takes too long to play and watch.

Traditional professional golf becomes genuinely absorbing "down the stretch." Golf Sixes catapults us straight to that point with no preamble.

Every shot counts, making the importance of a good start paramount, but there remains the opportunity for dramatic fight-backs. This is a formula that serves so well cricket's IPL and Big Bash matches. 

For spectators, there was plenty to watch and hear. Some of the stuff pumped through the microphones and speakers missed the mark but an engaging atmosphere was generated.

To make it work better they should employ announcers who know their subject and are capable of identifying all of the players and match situations. 

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